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Stage - 2


As a part of Stage I, all teams need to submit the following online (Google Form) by the deadline specified on the website:

Guidelines for the Evaluation of Delhi Robotics League 2023 Stage-II

As a part of Stage-II, all qualified teams from Stage-I need to submit a video (90 Seconds) of the Physical Robot by the deadline specified on the website (Google Form link for submitting the video will be sent to the registered email of team leader and Mentor).

The video will be evaluated based on the following marking criteria:

  1.  Complete 360 degree view of the Physical Robot (10 Sec.)                                               20

  2. Indicate the measurement of Physical Robot Length and Width in MM (15 Sec.)     10

  3.  Demonstrate the Robot forward, backward or any other direction  (25 Sec.)            20

  4.  Demonstrate Ball shooting mechanism minimum two balls (25 Sec.)                       30

  5. Demonstrate Disk or Ball Pushing mechanism (15 Sec.)                                           20

Note:1Measurement of distances should be clearly shown in the videos.

Note:2 The physical robot design should be as per the design document submitted in Stage-I. If there are any deviations, please justify the same in a separate PDF, which can be uploaded in the Google form.

Submission Details

Additional instructions are given below for all the videos that should be kept in mind while preparing the video

  1. The file should be uploaded to a single Google Drive folder which will be accessible
    by the judges. Only the link should be submitted via a Google Form (to be released soon).

  2. The size of the file should not exceed 1 GB.

  3. You may use multiple cameras for better visualization with one camera showing the complete view.

  4. Ensure proper lighting conditions while shooting the videos.

  5. Compliance with competition rules will be considered during evaluation.

  6. All videos should be named as “Team Name demonstrated mechanism” to ensure
    proper evaluation and be in the .mp4 or .avi format only.

Registration to Delhi Robotics League 2023 Stage-II is FREE

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