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Stage - 1


As a part of Stage I, all teams need to submit the following online (Google Form) on or before the deadline as specified on the DRL website:

Template for Delhi Robotics League 2023 Solution Idea

  • “Solution Ideas (Form 1)” in the following format. Form 1 will be available soon for submission.

  • A PDF file titled “Design Details Document Team Name” with a maximum of 5 pages (with times roman normal font size 12) to expand their points/claims given in the Solution Ideas (Form 1). The Images should be clear and readable.

  • The PDF file should contain design drawings of the robot. Drawings can done using hands or a computer software.

Solution Ideas (Form 1)

  • School Name:

  • Team Name:

  • Team Leader:

  • Mobile number of the team leader:

  • E-mail address of the team leader:

  • Mentor’s Name:

  • Mobile number of the Mentor:

  • E-mail address of the Mentor:

I. Design of ONE ROBOT (working in Shooter and Blocker Modes) (40 points):

  • Overall dimensions (in mm) and estimated weight (in Kgs)     (5 Points)

  • Type of Drive (differential, three/four wheel, etc.)                     (5 Points)       

  • Type of actuators integrated                                                     (5 Points)

  • Type of sensors integrated                                                       (5 Points)

  • Ball Shooting Mechanism                                                        (10 Points)

  • Discs and Balls Pushing Mechanism                                       (10 Points)

II. Design Document (60 points):

The Design Document should detail the ideas proposed in the Solution Ideas form. It should be a good document that describes proposed mechanism for achieving different tasks. The document should also include relevant calculations/justifications for the proposed mechanism and demonstrate a clear understanding of the task’s objectives. Design Document, along with the drawings of the proposed mechanism, is worth a maximum of 60 points. The individual sections will be evaluated as follows:


Points breakup for Design Drawings (60 Points):

For the shortlisted teams after Stage I, 1/3rd weightage of Stage I score and 2/3rd weightage of Stage II score will be used to select the teams for the final competition to be held at Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi.

III. Evaluation Criteria:

IV. Registration to Delhi Robotics League 2023 Stage-1 is FREE

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