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Q: CAN MORE THAN ONE TEAM PARTICIPATE FROM A SCHOOL IN THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: Yes, more than one team can participate from a school. Q: DO TEAMS NEED TO BUILD THEIR ROBOT FOR THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: Yes, each team must build/assemble its robot. Q: HOW MANY ROUNDS ARE THERE PER GAME IN THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: There are two rounds per game (Rounds 1 and 2). Q: WHAT TWO ROLES SHOULD EACH TEAM'S ROBOT WORK IN? A: Each team's robot should work in two roles: Blocker mode and Shooter mode. Q: IN WHICH MODE DOES TEAM A PLAY IN ROUND 1 OF EACH ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: Team A plays in blocker mode in round 1 of each game, while team B plays in shooter mode. Q: WHAT TASK DOES TEAM A, PLAYING IN BLOCKER MODE, HAVE TO PERFORM IN THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: Team A playing in blocker mode will block the potholes with discs. The time given to do this task is one minute. Q: WHAT TASK MUST TEAM B PLAY IN SHOOTER MODE PERFORM IN THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: Team B playing in the shooter mode, will displace the pot balls placed in the blue circle using shot balls. The robot should be in the Shooter Start Zone (SSZ) while the shot balls are thrown/pushed. Q: WHAT IS THE NEXT TASK THAT THE ROBOT HAS TO PERFORM AFTER DISPLACING THE POT BALLS IN THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A:The robot can move to the Kancha Area and push the pot balls into the potholes. Q: IS IT ALLOWED TO PUSH DISPLACED POT BALLS FROM ONE CIRCULAR RING OR THE GAME FIELD TO ANOTHER CIRCULAR RING IN THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: No, pushing displaced Pot Balls from one circular ring or the Game Field to another circular ring is not allowed. Q: HOW MUCH TIME IS GIVEN FOR THE SHOOTER MODE IN THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: The total time given for the shooter mode is three minutes. Q: DO THE TEAMS' ROLES CHANGE IN THE SECOND ROUND OF THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: The teams' roles will reverse in the next round. Q: HOW ARE POINTS CALCULATED IN THE ROBO KANCHA GAME? A: Points will be calculated according to the pot balls placed at different locations in Kancha Area (based on circular ring color) and Game Field, bonus points for the potholes filled by discs and pot balls. Q: HOW IS THE WINNER OF THE ROBO KANCHA GAME DETERMINED? A: The winner will be announced based on the highest score. Refer to section 4.2 (3) in the rule book for further details.


Q: CAN WE SPLIT OUR ROBOT INTO SUB-UNITS DURING THE GAME? A: No, each robot cannot be split into sub-units or connected by flexible cords during the game. Q: CAN WE USE SUCTION OR STICK ON THE GAME FIELD TO OPERATE THE ROBOT? A: No, robots cannot use suction or stick on the game field. Q: CAN TEAMS FROM DIFFERENT SCHOOLS PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST TOGETHER? A: No, the robots in the contest must be built by team members from the same school. Q: CAN TEAMS BRING EQUIPMENT OTHER THAN ROBOTS AND SPARE PARTS USED IN THE GAME? A: No, teams are not allowed to bring or set up any equipment around the field except robots and spare parts used in the game and some tools/devices used in resetting time. Q: WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM SIZE OF THE ROBOT ALLOWED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME? A: At the game beginning, each robot must not be more than 500 mm in length and 500 mm in width. Q: IS THERE A LIMIT ON THE LENGTH OF CABLES USED TO CONTROL THE ROBOT? A: No, the length of the cable is unlimited. However, the teams should avoid cable winding with the field facilities and game objects. Q: WHAT MAXIMUM WEIGHT IS ALLOWED FOR THE ROBOT AND ITS COMPONENTS? A: The total weight of two robots, controllers, and the primary set of batteries used in the game must not exceed 30 Kg. Q: CAN TEAMS USE ANY POWER SOURCE TO OPERATE THE ROBOT? A: Teams can use only batteries, compressed air, and/or elastic force as a power source. Q: WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM VOLTAGE ALLOWED FOR BATTERIES USED IN THE ROBOT, CONTROLLER, AND OTHER DEVICES? A: The nominal voltage of any battery used in the robot, controller, and other devices during the game shall not exceed 24V. Q: CAN TEAMS USE COMPRESSED AIR AS A POWER SOURCE? A: Yes, teams using compressed air must use a container made for a plastic bottle in pristine condition prepared appropriately. Air pressure must not exceed 600 kPa. Q: WILL REFEREES INSPECT THE ROBOTS BEFORE THE CONTEST? A: Yes, referees will inspect the robots during the test run before the contest. Robots not meeting the above requirements will not be allowed to participate in the game.


Q: WHAT HAPPENS IF THE BLOCKER/SHOOTER MODE TOUCHES THE POT BALLS IN THE BLUE CIRCLE DURING THE GAME? A: If the Blocker/Shooter mode touches the pot balls in the blue circle during the game, the Blocker/Shooter mode for that round will be immediately stopped. Q: WHAT HAPPENS IF THE ROBOT MOVES THE POT BALLS FROM ONE CIRCULAR RING TO ANOTHER DURING THE SHOOTER MODE? A: If the robot moves the Pot Balls from one circular ring to the other during the Shooter mode, the Shooter mode for that round will be immediately stopped. Q: CAN THE DISPERSED POT BALLS ON THE GAME FIELD BE MOVED INTO THE KANCHA AREA? A: No, the dispersed pot balls on the Game Field cannot be moved into the Kancha Area. Q: WHAT ACTIONS CAN LEAD TO THE DISQUALIFICATION OF A TEAM DURING THE GAME? A: A team can be disqualified if, i) their robot's design and build are not following the rulebook ii) if they intentionally damage the field, facilities, or game objects iii) if they perform any acts that are not in the spirit of fair play iv) or, if they fail to obey instructions or warnings issued by referees.


Q: WHAT ARE SOME SAFETY MEASURES TO BE FOLLOWED DURING THE GAME? A: Some safety measures to be followed during the game include attaching an actual emergency stop button on the robot, wearing running shoes, helmets, and safety goggles, avoiding the use of explosives, fire, or dangerous chemicals, and ensuring that the design and use of laser or infrared beams do not harm any persons at the venue.


Q: WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TEAMS ALLOWED PER SCHOOL? A: Each school from Delhi may have as many teams as it likes. Q: WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TEAM MEMBERS ALLOWED PER TEAM? A: Each team can consist of a maximum of five (5) students (called team members) and one (1) instructor, all belonging to the same school. Q: ARE ADDITIONAL STUDENT MEMBERS ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GAME? A: Yes, an additional five (5) student members are allowed to register as the pit crews and assist in the pit area, carry the robots to the field, and participate in the setting of the robots. They must be students of the same school as the team.
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